What everybody ought to know about interviews

November 2, 2022
This week I decided I wanted to focus on helping candidates. We really couldn’t do it without you. :)
Ok, no more sappy content.
But instead of doing another piece of content with tips and tricks on how to ace interviews. I wanted to share some not-so-great experiences we have had with candidates over the years. This is to make sure you guys avoid repeating these mistakes and champion your way to a new job.
Below are some examples of what NOT to do during an interview.
1. The one, when they didn’t know what the company did.
Studying and preparing yourself for an interview, is necessary to make a good impression. Being aware of what the company does, will help you understand the role better, will show your interest in the opportunity, and will also empower you to ask better questions.
2. The one that didn’t turn on the camera
Some people don’t mind, and some do. So it’s best to play it safe and always turn on your camera. Hiring managers like to see the person that they could be potentially hiring. It shows confidence, and body language can go a long way. It’s also a lot easier to connect with someone if you are looking at them in the eyes, or at the camera to be more accurate.
3. The one that was watching sports while speaking to the hiring manager
Now, this was a major no-no. It is important to be completely focused on the person you are speaking to. If you are doing something else, it is very unlikely that you can actually hide it.
4. The one that didn’t show up.
It is normal to have something come up last minute at work or in your personal life and this is ok. But make sure to let the person you will be speaking to or the recruiter supporting you in the process know. Calls can be rearranged, but having someone wait for you with no news can generate unwanted friction.
5. The one that decided to groom during the interview
This still makes me cringe. It doesn’t matter if the interviewer seems nice and relaxed, you should always behave professionally. We have had candidates cut their nails, put on a hair mask, or play with their facial hair during calls. Yes, you have read this correctly. Please wait until the call is over, to groom yourself. This attitude can make it seem as if you do not care about the other person at all.
There are other important must-haves like a good internet connection and little to no background noise. Try your best to make sure you are in a controlled, stress-free environment. And if you need a little support, don’t hesitate in contacting us. We are here for you.
Ok, I got sappy again.
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Daniella Meneses

Chief Growth Officer