5 Tips to keep your candidates engaged

November 2, 2022

It’s a candidate’s market. They know it, you know it, we know it. With the demand for tech talent outpacing the supply, companies of all stages and sizes are struggling to fill the gaps in digital skills.
It’s the hunger games out there.
There are more tech positions available than ever before and if you are fighting for top talent, I’m sorry to tell you, this isn’t going to slow down.

Last year, Facebook announced its plans to hire 10,000 people in Europe for Meta. Amazon is looking to hire 55,000 people in the US and Google is looking for thousands of new tech employees.

So let me ask you this question, in a market where technological developments are surpassing the number of developers, is your hiring process human enough?
80% of candidates are dropping out of recruitment processes mainly because they find them ineffective.
But panic no more, I’m here to help.
These are 5 tips that will help you avoid a transactional approach and implement a more people-centric process.
  1. Listen: The Messi of candidates has agreed to have a call with you. Yei! The call starts and you start pitching the opportunity as if your life depended on it. But have you listened? How do you know if the candidate is interested in what you are selling? Avoid being robotic in your calls, ask them what they are looking for and adjust to them.
  2. Tech assessments that are time appropriate: Imagine working long hours, spending most of your time in front of a screen, and a new career opportunity catches your interest. You start the process and the company sends over a 10-hour tech assessment and you have 48 hours to complete it. As the company, you need to be aware that if this candidate is in other processes (most of the time they are) with a shorter tech assessment, there is a big chance they will choose to continue with the other company. Make it short and sweet without sacrificing quality.
  3. Make the 1st interview one to remember: The #1 goal of a first interview is to leave the candidate wanting to say YES if they get an offer. For this, it’s important the candidate gets a good understanding of what their role would look like, the company’s environment, and its values.
  4. Fast-track high-level candidates: If you fall in love with a candidate, it’s very likely that your competition feels the same way. By shortening your process for them you have a higher possibility of having them join your team.
  5. Prepare and debrief: A hiring process tends to be very stressful for the person that is being interviewed. Prepare them every step of the way by letting them know who will they be speaking to and what will be reviewed in each call. Ask them how it went, how they felt, and if there is any concern you can help them with. Become their ally and help them feel safe.
Communication is key and providing updates will help you with candidate engagement. Keep them close, and be sure to share feedback.
“96% of candidates will apply for jobs at a company they know will keep them informed during the application and interview process.” — Fortune magazine
If their journey ends, give them a constructive assessment that can help them strengthen their profile and prepare them for other opportunities that may come their way.

Daniella Meneses

Chief Growth Officer