Need an Employer of Record (EOR) in Brazil? Remoti Helps Find and Onboard New Talent Fast

January 30, 2023

Finding the right talent match in Brazil’s tech market isn’t easy, but Remoti uses a powerful mix of the latest tech and local expertise to take business matchmaking to the next level.

Richly talented and largely under explored, Brazil’s budding digital workforce is one of the key reasons why international corporations are looking for an Employer of Record (EOR) in Brazil right now. 

The reasons for this are clear. 

Brazil is home to over 200 million people, including a rich pool of diverse tech talent. Increasing numbers of remote workers and a $9.4 billion venture capital investment from abroad have sparked what the International Trade Association has called a ‘digital transformation’ in Latin America’s largest country. Indeed, the state of São Paulo alone has invested over $1.22 billion in R&D over the last decade, according to their report.

HR executives and recruiters of international companies are trying to tap into this goldmine of potential to hire employees that can power growth. 

Yet, even with an EOR in Brazil, they face powerful obstacles, including:

  • Setting aside the time and resources to find the right type of worker for a specific vacancy
  • Getting tied up in local bureaucracy when it comes to dealing with issues like employment contracts, payments, health insurance, and social security
  • High onboarding and training costs as they work to get new employees up-to-speed
  • Struggles to meet full compliance with local tax, accounting, and labor laws. 

Should you be a senior recruiter at a large corporation or bank, then you’ll have seen how a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or an EOR in Brazil can relieve some of this burden by taking on many human resources-related tasks on your behalf. These range from scouting talent pools for new recruits and payroll administration, to ensure your company stays compliant with local tax and accounting requirements. 

Contracting an Employer of Record in Brazil is a key part of a worldwide trend that’s seeing more and more companies tap local know-how to iron the creases out of the work required in foreign worker recruitment. 

eor brazil
A projected 60% increase in the global EOR market by 2028. Source: Valuates Reports

This heavy upswing makes sense. 

When done well, an employer of record service not only takes the strain off a stressful recruitment process. It also powers business growth by helping you get around entry barriers to new markets, providing trained workers ready to hit the ground running, and thus reducing the cost of expanding your workforce.

Finding an EOR solution that combines all of these core capabilities in today’s business climate is hard. But it’s not impossible.  

Remoti is a brand new solution designed to take on these challenges in a new borderless digital era. Our business model isn’t huge; instead, we specialize in helping banks and corporations expand their workforces swiftly and efficiently.

As an integrated HR platform, it has “everything you need to hire global talent in one place”, to use CEO Pablo Miller’s own words. Whether it’s recruitment, payroll, training, or consulting, this HR-as-a-service is tailored to your company’s culture without the need for hiring an expensive recruitment team. 

“Remoti has everything you need to hire global talent in one place.” – Pablo Miller, CEO of Remoti

While many an EOR in Brazil operates as a separate entity to your business, leading to hold-ups of its own, Remoti is integrated into your business operations so that it provides embedded talent by becoming an extension of your recruitment team. 

Once set up, Remoti becomes the ultimate matchmaker by connecting you to the best Brazil’s digital workforce has to offer. It takes care of the onboarding process by removing the red tape that ties up foreign businesses, then provides a full payroll solution that fully complies with local tax and employment laws. 

We might sound like a ‘one-stop shop’, but we’re much more than that. Think of us as a multi-purpose platform that gives you all the tools you need to manage a global workforce in one place. 

Want to see how our dedicated  HR-as-a-service platform can accelerate your corporation’s growth? Book a call with Remoti’s team today to take the first step toward expanding your global workforce at ease, all through one platform and at a minimal cost. 

How Remoti’s Embedded EOR Solution Will Power Your Business’s Growth 

According to our CEO, “people are the most important asset for your company”, and the Remoti plug-and-play platform helps to continue bringing the best out of your new personnel long after onboarding. 

Our golden formula will provide you with the right talent at the best possible cost. It is built to smoothly integrate recruits into your operations so that you scale up quickly and efficiently. Plus, our platform will make sure your company is fully compliant with Brazilian law while doing so. 

And our friendly team of HR professionals, financial advisors and legal experts will make hiring not just easy but fun, too. 

Here’s how we do it.

Scout LatAm’s largest country for digital talent

Brazil is a big country. 

In fact, that description doesn’t even do it justice: at over five million square miles, it’s the fifth largest country on the planet. That’s a lot of areas to cover. 

Remoti’s digital Talent Scout service uses a potent mix of the latest tech and an HR team with a dazzling array of local contacts to scour all four corners of Latin America’s largest country. We dive into diverse talent pools that many don’t have access to and emerge with a list of matches based on your detailed specifications.

The chances of finding the right fit for you are high. 

We use Harvard-sourced Education Technology (EdTech) and tailored English language courses to train workers up to your high standards. These People Products mold them into the top-quality professionals who can hit the ground running for your business. 

Our remoti app will let you review and manage a shortlist of handpicked candidates; select between project-based, part-time and full-time employees; and then schedule interviews with prospective hires. 

The process doesn’t stop after onboarding, either. Remoti works with you and the employee by providing career development plans to ensure the working relationship continues to benefit both parties.

After a recent 300% surge in ICT hires across Brazil, the race to find new tech recruits is intense. With its seamless performance and embedded talent solutions, remoti is the rocket fuel you need to get to the hottest talent before your rivals.

eor brazil remoti
 Remoti’s multi-purpose app

Hand over the paperwork

We all want to stay in line with local laws when hiring talent in emerging markets, but dealing with the paperwork that comes can be a real headache.

Often, foreign firms go through the very expensive process of setting up a legal entity to stay in line with compliance, adding a thick layer of bureaucracy to everything from tax to employee health insurance. 

With Remoti, our platform provides a pathway through all this red tape by giving you access to legal entities on the ground that deal with every aspect of the payroll process, as well as all the paperwork that comes as part of any working contract.


Our legal team pulls out every stop to make sure your business is fully compliant with tax administration and local legislative and regulatory requirements.

In fact, consider it the same as dealing with tax affairs in your home country. Just like you offload the stress of handling your financial matters to your accountant, Remoti’s all-in-one solution will eliminate the risk of operating within a foreign fiscal infrastructure. 

Cut down on costs and boost your free time

Setting up a local entity in Brazil can run into thousands of USD – and that’s without mentioning the cost of hiring legal, accounting, and administrative experts. 

Remoti is your gateway to local jurisdictions that will effectively integrate your business into the Brazilian employment market. And it comes at a fraction of the combined cost of outsourcing to third-party specialists.

Not long after signing up for Remoti, you’ll notice you have much more of the most precious commodity of all: time. 

With recruiting, onboarding, and paperwork taken out of your hands, you can use your freed-up hours to focus on other growth-related tasks to that you should devote more of your workweek, such as marketing and product development.

Find out more about how Remoti is the perfect matchmaker

Matchmaking requires a human touch. 

Whoever gets to play Cupid between two people must have the emotional intelligence to spot a deeper connection than just physical attraction – they should be able to spot compatible traits that will make the match a long-term success.

Remoti translates this philosophy from the world of love to the business climate with one chief aim: connecting you to Brazilian professionals with the compatible skill sets and intellectual outlook to help forge a productive working relationship. 

eor brazil remoti
How Remoti guides global talent toward your company

Yet, rather than rely on a sole professional Cupid, we deploy an embedded team of friendly and proactive HR experts who instantly become a part of your recruitment network the moment you sign up. 

With a keen eye for detail, they’ll comb the Brazilian tech market to handpick the best people for your job.

We’ll also help you sail through the bureaucratic issues that have plagued other PEOs in Brazil in the past thanks to a comprehensive network of local contacts. 

Finally, Remoti aims to help keep your recruits at the top of their game with an in-depth library of linguistic, technical, and wellness courses, providing edtech and other info to support constant learning and mental health, no matter where they are working. 

Ready to find the best tech employees Brazil has to offer? Book a call today with one of our HR experts who’ll show you how you can seamlessly integrate the Remoti platform into your global recruitment drive.