7 questions to ask hiring managers before starting a search

November 2, 2022
Lately, you have been feeling as if something is missing when you intake new roles from clients and/or hiring managers. Questions you are not prepared to answer keep popping up during your screening calls and the thought of this continuously happening makes you kinda nervous.
Although it is perfectly ok to tell the candidate you will get back to them with more information after checking with the role’s hiring manager, it’s always best to have a 360 understanding of what the role entails and what the perfect candidate looks like.
This is why I’ve gathered for you 7 questions to ask hiring managers the next time you are onboarding a new role. These questions are meant to be asked having in mind the SDLC and the candidate’s responsibilities during this process.
Since I like you, I’m also sharing a little bonus. :) Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.
1. What are the collaborations within the tech team and cross-functionally like?
2. Will they be part of the design stage or only come in when coding is involved?
3. What technologies will they be primarily using? What about secondarily?
4. If they are not mastering some of the required technologies, is there flexibility for training?
5. How will the candidate be measured in terms of results?
6. How involved will they be with testing?
7. How involved with they be in the deployment stage?
And of course, as promised, here are some bonus questions:
  • What will the ideal candidate look like?
  • How does this role fit within the product development process?
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My friends, you are now ready to intake a new role like a top-quality tech recruiter.

Daniella Meneses

Chief Growth Officer