Celebrating Women's contributions Across Time

March 26, 2024

In the month of March, as we commemorate the crucial role of women in our history and society, a fundamental question arises: What does it truly mean to be a woman? At Remoti, we recognize that this question extends beyond contemporary stereotypes, leading us to reflect on the complexity of women's experiences throughout time.  This introspection leads us to acknowledge that our understanding of womanhood cannot be fully grasped without considering the historical context.

As a company committed to inclusivity, we realize that history holds the key to unlocking a deeper comprehension of gender dynamics. By exploring the stories of women from different eras, we gain insight into the challenges they faced, the triumphs they achieved, and the contributions they made to shaping our world. It is through this historical lens that we can appreciate the resilience of women across generations.

That's why we've chosen to take a historical approach to explore this matter, seeking to acknowledge and value the contributions of women who have often been overshadowed by the dominant narrative. Join us as we explore the stories of three extraordinary women whose legacy has been underestimated and, oftentimes, erroneously attributed to others.

Chien-Shiung Wu:

Chien-Shiung Wu, a Chinese-American physicist whose pioneering work reshaped our understanding of nuclear physics. Wu's groundbreaking research extended beyond conventional boundaries, particularly in challenging fundamental principles in the field. During World War II, Wu made significant contributions to nuclear physics as part of the Manhattan Project, focusing on developing the gaseous diffusion process for uranium enrichment. However, it was her work in particle physics post-war that truly defined her legacy. Wu's most significant achievement lies in her bold challenge to a fundamental principle of physics—the conservation of parity. Through meticulous experiments involving beta decay of Cobalt-60, she demonstrated that not all physical laws are symmetric, shattering the prevailing notion of symmetry in physics. Despite her groundbreaking contributions, Wu's pivotal role in uncovering this fundamental truth went largely unrecognized. Tsung-Dao Lee and Chen-Ning Yang, two other physicists who proposed a similar theory, received recognition and were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1957, leaving Wu's monumental contributions overshadowed.

Ada Lovelace:

Ada Lovelace is widely acclaimed as the pioneer of computer programming. Her fascination with the potential of the Analytical Engine, a revolutionary concept envisioned by Charles Babbage, propelled her into the realm of computational innovation. In 1842, Lovelace translated an article by Italian mathematician Luigi Menabrea, exploring the complexities of the Analytical Engine. Fuelled by her passion for the subject, Lovelace went beyond mere translation, adding extensive notes that outlined the engine's capabilities in performing complex calculations and even composing music. These notes, now regarded as the first computer programs, laid the foundation for modern computing by describing the process of instructing a machine to execute tasks. While Charles Babbage is often credited with conceiving the Analytical Engine, it was Ada Lovelace who explained its workings with remarkable insight and clarity, demonstrating her pioneering role in computer programming. Despite facing challenges and lack of recognition during her time, Lovelace's name now shines brightly in scientific and technological circles, a testament to her enduring legacy in the history of computing.

Katherine Johnson:

Katherine Johnson is celebrated for her remarkable intellect, perseverance, and groundbreaking achievements in the world of science and engineering. In 1953, she began her career at NACA, later known as NASA, as part of the segregated 'human computers' unit, where she calculated aircraft trajectories and contributed to early space missions. Her exceptional abilities quickly gained recognition, and she played a pivotal role in numerous historic space missions. Notably, during the Freedom 7 mission, John Glenn personally requested Johnson to verify trajectory calculations, highlighting her indispensable contribution. Additionally, she played a critical role in the success of Apollo 11 by calculating the path for the Lunar Module. Despite her invaluable contributions, Johnson's work was often overshadowed or attributed to men at NASA, such as Theodore Freeman. Only recently have her achievements received the recognition they deserve, with her story gaining worldwide acclaim through the publication of the book and subsequent film 'Hidden Figures.' These works shed light on Johnson's significant contributions and the barriers she faced, inspiring future generations with her remarkable legacy.

This month, our aim is to amplify the voices of women who may not have had the chance to be fully appreciated and acknowledged for their efforts. Furthermore, we seek to spotlight some of the many female voices within our team, extending an invitation for them to share any accomplishments they are proud of and believe can empower other women.

Our goal is to cultivate an environment where each woman's unique achievements are not only acknowledged but celebrated with genuine enthusiasm, ensuring that their voices resonate without constraint.

María J. Mesa: One accomplishment in my field that I'm particularly proud of is my leadership in the development of an app for a financial institution, where I led several teams comprising around 40 people. This project not only challenged me professionally but also allowed me to showcase my leadership and technical skills. I believe that this achievement can empower other women by breaking gender stereotypes, showing that women can lead technical projects. It may sound trivial to some, but biases still exist in the technology field. Overall, it was a rewarding experience that I hope can inspire other women in the field to pursue their goals and challenge stereotypes.
Daniella  Meneses:  I am immensely proud of my journey as a woman in business, particularly my achievement in establishing and leading the tech division at Remoti as its first tech recruiter. Despite initially having limited knowledge in the tech field, I embraced the challenge with determination, pushing myself to learn and grow every step of the way. Today, our team has flourished to over 50 technical recruiters, a testament to our collective dedication and resilience. I believe my journey can serve as an empowering example for women everywhere, encouraging them to fearlessly pursue challenges and trust in their capabilities. Let's continue to inspire and uplift one another, knowing that together, we are unstoppable.
Sarah  Rodriguez: I´m proud of my journey in this industry. I started out as a professional with little experience in HR and none in tech. One particular project that I´m proud of was being able to face the challenge of exploring and establishing a new type of service with one of the biggest clients we had at that time. We learned and trained ourselves in what the business required of us and were able to deliver and scale our services and the company as a whole for the years to come. I hope women feel encouraged to always take on new challenges and believe in their skills to learn and innovate even when opportunities present themselves.
Valentina Escobar Azza: I'm proud of the unconventional path I took to land in commercial consultancy. Transitioning from tech recruitment to sales strategy felt daunting at first.  Fear and pressure about learning a new skillset were real, but the potential to grow excited me.Looking back, I'm incredibly proud of my work in building Remoti's iGaming vertical. This involved not only understanding the industry's specific needs but also developing solutions that resonated with its challenges. It also highlighted the crucial role of collaboration. I found incredible support among inspiring women, both within Remoti and the iGaming space.  Through this process, I learned the immense power women possess to transform challenges into opportunities.

Get a glimpse into our DEI report

DEI Report: Gender and Disability in the Colombian Tech Industry

This month, we find it imperative to share insights from our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) report on the Colombian tech industry, with a particular focus on gender and disability representation. To elaborate, Remoti conducted surveys among 500 tech companies to delve into the representation of women and individuals with disabilities in Colombia's tech sector. The findings were eye-opening, revealing persistent gender stereotypes and significant disparities in education, salary, and hiring practices.

Among the findings, it was notable that there is an underrepresentation of women in technology positions in Colombia. 27% of survey respondents attributed this to gaps in education, followed by 17% citing gender stereotypes, and 16% pointing to salary disparities.

At Remoti, we recognize that fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion begins with individual actions that collectively make a significant impact. We firmly believe that educating ourselves on these critical issues, which persist in today's world, serves as a crucial starting point.