Global Payroll: Pay Distributed Teams Without The Hassle

August 25, 2023
Discover global payroll services that ensure you pay remote employees on time, stay compliant with local laws, and avoid FX risk. 

The trusted global payroll provider of over 100 companies


Easily and securely pay your global workforce with an embedded multi-country payroll solution

No more red tape, manual errors, and expensive local entities. 

Remoti streamlines your global payroll management through one integrated platform, saving your business in outsourcing recruitment. 

✅ Simplify hiring and onboarding in brand-new talent pools

✅ Plug into local legal services to ensure 100% compliance

✅ Automate your payroll process and get consolidated reports

✅ Make one unified employee payment

✅ Get unrivaled support with your own account manager backed up by a global team

With real-time visibility into your remote work payroll, you’ll have the peace of mind to focus on what really matters: growing your business. 

Contact a global Payroll Expert  


Hire and onboard top talent in hours instead of weeks

At Remoti, we’ve designed a next-generation payroll platform that’s built on speed and efficiency.

From the word ‘go’, Remoti will quickly integrate a global payroll system into your existing business operations, with the capacity to scale up when required. 

Once on board, our streamlined payroll process automates paperwork, payments, and taxes. Fewer transaction fees and related costs mean you save money as well as time.


Expand into new markets without expensive legal entities

Not only do we ensure you meet the requirements of local jurisdictions, but we also assume full legal responsibility for new hires

Pass the legal burden on to us and get your own international team of lawyers, accountants, and HR experts. For a fraction of the cost and hassle of a legal entity.


Automate your global payroll and slash paperwork

Once your candidates are on board, Remoti takes on the admin burden for you with our HR-as-a-service taking care of local payroll. 

Just think of the time and effort this will save you and your team. 

No more paperwork and fears of non-compliance, just a full digital record of the payroll process done for you.


Pay without borders using Remoti’s international payroll

We remove the burden from your shoulders but let you keep control via the following actions:

  • We sync with your hiring and payroll process, giving you full visibility of everything we do
  • We use automated workflows to help you find and onboard the best talent
  • We connect you to a ready-made infrastructure of legal experts who ensure full compliance with local employment laws
  • We take care of each employee’s monthly payroll data, including tax, bank transfers, and other admin tasks.

Let’s get started  

How much do your remote work payroll services cost?

Remoti has a flexible pricing policy that depends on various factors, including whether you’re hiring a contractor or full-time employee, the number of benefits they’ll receive, and the level of service you need. 

Instead of a bulk payment, we’ll charge you a percentage of the salary of each employee you onboard with us. This means you avoid overpaying if you only take on a few hires and that you’ll always pay a fair amount.

How long will it take us to set up Remoti’s international payroll?

Rather than the industry average of 6 to 7 weeks, you can start your global expansion in just 1 or 2 weeks with Remoti’s quick setup.

That’s a full-fledged global payroll system at your fingertips in just 14 days. 

Describe your remote work payroll process

Our tried and tested process has helped over 100 companies quickly hire international employees at a fraction of the cost of in-house recruitment. 

To do this, we follow a specific step-by-step formula:

  1. We help you identify the talent gaps in your organization then headhunt the perfect candidates to fill them and put them on a shortlist for you.

  1. You interview your chosen options and tell us the ones you wish to hire.

  1. We study all employee data, including personal data, geographical location, and the hiring regulations of their native country, and draw up a fully compliant contract.

  1. We deal with the onboarding process including validating tax documents and employee benefits. 

  1. Post-hire, we take on the monthly payroll and disperse employee payments, taking care of tax, social security, and other related legal requirements. 

From start to finish, you’ll have full visibility of the hiring process with the help of a dedicated account manager and access to the Remoti app.