Case Study: How Plurall Achieved A Diverse C-Level Founding Team

December 6, 2023

In the early stages of its development, Plurall faced the challenge of building a dynamic and diverse founding team to propel the company forward. They approached remoti with the ambitious goal of establishing a solid foundation for growth, both in terms of headcount and market reach.

Challenges in Diversifying the Leadership Team

Our initial engagement involved tackling three pivotal roles: Head of Product, Head of Growth, and Chief Technology Officer. The CTO position posed a unique challenge due to the prevailing gender imbalance in the market. 

Defining the Ideal Co-Founders

Plurall sought senior profiles aligned with their vision for growth. The criteria encompassed not only technical expertise but also a proactive, solution-oriented mindset with a foundational and entrepreneurial orientation. The aim was to bring on board individuals who not only possessed the requisite skills but also resonated with the company's culture.

"From the time my co-founder, Federico Gomez, and I envisioned building Plurall, it was our intention to broaden the concept of financial inclusion, our customer-facing mission, to include inclusion and diversity of all kinds - in fact, this was the inspiration for the name "Plurall"! We tasked Remoti with helping us to realize that vision by helping us to build a 6 member founding team that was at least half women - unfortunately, a challenging task in the FinTech industry. Rising to the occasion, Remoti delivered, with our CTO, Head of Product, and Head of Growth all incredibly dynamic and talented women in FinTech. This accomplishment has helped us to demonstrate in BOTH words and deeds, our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We are living our namesake as the team at Plurall reflects the markets we serve!" Glenn Goldman, Co-founder at Plurall. 

Strategic Recruitment Approaches

To attract suitable candidates, especially women, we leveraged Plurall's early-stage status, emphasizing the unique opportunity for candidates to be part of a rapidly growing company. Our deep industry knowledge and understanding of the company's goals allowed us to identify profiles that aligned not only in terms of skills but also cultural fit. 

Navigating Recruitment Challenges

The scarcity of women in the CTO talent pool presented a significant hurdle. However, rather than restricting our search, we adopted an inclusive approach. Martha, the ultimately successful candidate, stood out not solely due to her gender but because of her exceptional performance in tests and interviews, showcasing her profound knowledge and expertise.

"I join Plurall thanks to allies like remoti who connect professionals and help startups continue growing, finding the necessary co-founders and candidates to expand their business. You reached out to me presenting a new project emerging in Colombia. After interviews and the screening process facilitated by your team, getting to know all these co-founders and their diverse experiences, I was invited to join the team. Additionally, the concept of supporting entrepreneurs in growing their businesses also resonated with me." Martha Fajardo, CTO & Co-founder, Plurall 

Measurable Success and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The project yielded a 100% success rate, with all three positions successfully filled. Plurall's growth trajectory, evolving from zero to five products in just two years, further underscored the project's success. Our ongoing collaboration continues to support Plurall's expansion.

Lessons Learned and Best Practices

Communication emerged as a cornerstone throughout the project. Regular feedback and a collaborative partnership between our firm and Plurall's initial co-founders were pivotal to achieving the desired outcomes. The case also highlighted the importance of merit-based hiring, emphasizing competencies and soft skills over gender as a best practice for future recruitment initiatives.

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a strategic, collaborative approach to recruitment, emphasizing both the company's goals and the unique value proposition for potential candidates.