Offshore AI Developers: How to Hire a Global AI Taskforce (2024)

October 9, 2023

Walk into any tech company’s recruitment office right now and you’ll probably overhear them talking about a task at the top of their to-do list: hiring AI developers.

The tech talent crunch has cranked the pressure up on companies looking to employ the expertise they need to keep up with rapid advances in artificial intelligence.

The global demand for next-generation (or AI) developers increased by 29% in 2022 – and that was before the recent release of intelligent chatbots with advanced natural language processing like ChatGPT.

Source: McKinsey

If you’re a CEO or head of HR, then you’ll have seen how this explosion in demand makes quality AI developers extremely difficult. It may have caused you to ponder the following questions:

  • Where can I find offshore AI developers?
  • How much does it cost to hire AI developers in such a competitive market?
  • How can I gain an edge over rivals also looking to hire AI developers?

Read on to find out how leading recruiters are dealing with these issues, and how  integrated HR platforms that use AI to find AI talent are providing many of the answers.

There isn’t a shortage of AI talent, just a lack of access to it. Book a call with Remoti’s team today to see how our embedded HR-as-a-service platform uses AI to put you in touch with the finest AI talent on the planet.

The 5 questions on the lips of every AI recruiter right now 

1. How much does it cost to hire an AI developer?

High demand has driven up the AI expert salaries globally. In the United States, the average pay of an AI developer is now $114,518, according to Glassdoor research.

A conservative estimate might lead us to a total cost of around $160,000 per AI developer for the onboarding and first year of employment when you factor in benefits, training and support costs, and recruitment fees.

Source: TeamCubate

This cost is much lower in other countries where the cost of living isn’t so high, but where the quality of the talent is just as strong, which is why many companies are looking at hiring offshore AI developers.

2. Where can I find offshore AI developers?

The real hotspots for exciting tech talent are places you may not expect.

One example is Latin America, where the hiring rate for software development positions increased by almost 300% in 2021 alone, and this year’s AI boom looks set to accelerate that further.

Mexico and Colombia now boast huge workforces of talented and educated IT professionals and are part of what experts have dubbed the “Second Silicon Valley”.

Both have tech-employee surpluses thanks to government-led initiatives, excellent tech education, and new remote work possibilities.

These previously hard-to-access talent pools are now well within reach of international companies thanks to new recruitment solutions that specialize in handling the logistical aspects of remote hiring.

3. Which programming languages are common?

AI engineers tend to be skilled in languages like Python, Java, C++, R, JavaScript, and SQL. 

Python in particular is ideal for building AI algorithms. It’s easy to learn and its extensive libraries make it great for machine learning and data analysis. Java, meanwhile, is more robust and has fewer glitches than Python, making it a better choice for real-time deep learning systems and robotics. 

Languages like C++ (performance-critical AI tasks). R (academic research), and JavaScript (web-based AI) excel in more specific AI activities, and AI recruiters are getting better at aligning these language skills with business demands.

4. How do I screen an AI developer?

Every recruiter knows that poor screening leads to poor hires, but in the fast-paced AI recruitment industry, particularly in high-volume hiring, candidate assessments need to be on point. 

The good news is that new technology is making this process easier. Automated tools now use job descriptions to provide recruiters with a list of CV recommendations, while AI-powered Automated Tracking Systems can categorize thousands of candidates in an instant. 

Be specific in your job descriptions, as well. Write if the job includes data scientist work, or is more for programmers creating predictive AI models. 

Adding a human touch to these screening tools yields the best results. Only humans can use experience and intuition to determine whether a candidate is a good long-term fit for their company.

5. How do I gain an edge over rivals also looking to hire AI developers?

Many recruiters will throw themselves into the world of AI-powered recruitment and emerge with a robotic hiring process.

But the best AI developers are still people. And they’ll still want that human touch from a potential new employer.

The best recruiters will be those who can combine the powerful benefits of AI algorithms with a personal approach. It also helps to have an established department for your software engineers, including past frameworks for creating APIs and AI models. 

Not only will candidates respond to a recruiter who handles hiring with ultra-efficiency, but they’ll also appreciate the professional and personal connections that’s so important when onboarding new employees.

How Remoti blends AI with the human touch to help you hire AI developers 

The AI talent gap isn’t caused by a shortage of tech talent, but a lack of access to it. 

There are AI developers for hire all around the world who are a perfect fit for your company, but geographical barriers and local bureaucracy make it difficult for you to get to them.

Remoti is an end-to-end HR solution that bridges this AI talent gap to help your company expand. Our talent platform seamlessly integrates into your business to find, hire, pay, and retain your AI workforce all in one place. 

Not only do we remove borders, but we also eliminate the red tape, language barriers, and legalese that hold you back from the best foreign hires. 

We use AI to find the best in AI solutions. 

Remoti’s unique AI hiring strategy blends AI with human expertise so that you can build a high-quality and cost-efficient tech team. 

Here’s how.

  1. We deep dive into your industry and analyze huge swathes of data to create precise job descriptions for your project. 
  2. AI helps us cast a wide net across thousands of candidates then provide a shortlist that matches your requirements. 
  3. Our human team refines the list by focusing on nuanced personal details that machines can’t detect
  4. AI tools schedules interviews freeing up more time for your human recruiters to conduct meticulous interviews.
  5. We combine AI tools and human expertise to create job offers and carry out streamlined onboarding.

Remoti’s AI-powered recruitment process

Many businesses make the mistake of hiring a costly third-party recruiter for AI talent, but Remoti acts as an extension to your existing hiring process, putting you on the fast track to the high-quality global AI development team you’ve been searching for.

Ready to expand your AI workforce into new talent pools? Book a call today with one of our experts who’ll show how Remoti’s embedded talent platform will help you build an expert AI workforce that’s the envy of your rivals.