Mastering Remote Recruitment: How Total Talent Management is Reshaping Remote Hiring

March 14, 2023

How one emerging business model is changing the face of global recruitment.

Total talent management may sound like a cross between The X Factor and The Apprentice, but it’s proving to be a potent emerging model for global businesses that must quickly and efficiently upscale an international workforce.

Today the demands of modern workforce management are clear. 

Senior recruiters and HR leaders are responsible for molding a hiring strategy that recognizes the need for the latest digital expertise and a more diverse workforce – all without breaking tight budgets and disrupting the current process of recruiting. 

If you’re one of them, you’ll probably have had difficulty with any number of issues, including:

  • Justifying the time and cost of integrating new workforce management methods into existing processes
  • Keeping an expanding hiring system organized and efficient while avoiding the organizational silos and communication issues that blight other top firms
  • Dealing with unfamiliar red tape and language barriers in foreign labor markets and complying with local laws and regulation.

Talent management programs are one method that company leaders have been using for some time as a way of navigating these difficulties and boosting business development.

In 2018, a McKinsey survey found that 99% of companies with ‘very effective’ talent management improved overall business performance.

 The benefits of effective talent management

total talent management
Source: McKinsey

Yet with the unique demands of 2023, where remote and hybrid work are now the norm, there is a call for a new kind of solution that helps companies attract and retain top talent. One that allows them to expand into emerging labor markets in order to build a world-class workforce.

The Harvard Business Review referred to this as “expanding non-traditional talent pipelines” in a 2023 report and count it as a key recruitment trend. 

This is where emerging models like Total Talent Management (TTM) are stepping into the breach. 

Companies that adopt a successful TTM strategy for talent acquisition are finding that they hold the keys to an extraordinary competitive advantage over rivals. 

They’re able to plan more strategically, improve employer branding, and build a talented and flexible contingent workforce for the digital era. 

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What total talent management is and how it can help upscale your workforce

Total talent management is an emerging business approach that’s helping top companies create agile and flexible workforces of contingent and full-time employees, while assisting HR and procurement teams to break down internal barriers and work together cohesively. 

The best TTM strategies allow organizations to focus on the value a worker can bring, regardless of factors like employment status or country of origin. 

Instead of outsourcing recruitment processes to several external providers, TTM is a holistic approach that generates huge time and cost savings for ambitious businesses seeking to quickly upscale their workforce. 

Here’s how.

TTM allows you to source and manage foreign talent in one place

Expanding an international workforce has traditionally been a messy affair.

Recruiters typically must deal with a wide range of challenges spanning the legal, financial, and economic sectors. They often involve several company departments in the process, leading to miscommunication and friction that can slow down progress.

TTM deals with this by building an all-inclusive management ecosystem that lets you deal with scouting, onboarding, compliance, and performance analysis in the same place. It doesn’t discriminate between employee types, integrating permanent (RPO) and contingent talent (MSP) solutions under one banner. 

Senior recruiters normally deal with one point of contact for TTM, such as an account manager or even a live chat service via an app, rather than multiple intermediaries strung across several sectors. 

This unified approach allows companies to run a more streamlined recruiting system and improves cohesion, greatly enhancing the consistency and transparency of your hiring process.

TTM gives you direct access to recruiting expertise

As an employer, you’ll know which positions you need to fill and the skills required for those roles, but you may not have the time or resources to search through hundreds of candidates for that perfect fit. 

A TTM provider, however, specializes in sourcing and screening qualified professionals. They’ll know how to advertise the role and which skills and traits to look for, as well as how to engage with the employees and prepare them for the interview. 

The potential time and cost savings of this are huge. Rather than scouring an unfamiliar foreign market for hidden talent gems, TTM providers act as your eyes and ears on the ground and return with a handpicked shortlist of options for you to choose from. This will save the expense of hiring multiple recruitment outsourcing services and free up valuable hours that you can spend on other crucial growth tasks. 

TTM helps you comply with local laws and regulations

Expanding into emerging markets is becoming a must for top companies, especially in Latin American countries like Mexico, which has been referred to as the ‘Second Silicon Valley’.

Yet, foreign hiring processes normally come with extensive legal difficulties that can demoralize even the most persistent recruiter. 

Companies have often gone through the very expensive process of setting up local legal entities to deal with these issues, but still risk falling foul of strict compliance. 

Total talent management solutions, on the other hand, provide direct access to already established legal expertise in their target market as part of their service. 

This legal help ensures that all employees are properly classified as permanent workers or temporary workers. It provides guidance in drawing up contracts and making sure they meet overtime, minimum wage, and other legal requirements.

Such a service is vital in reducing the risk of incurring legal and financial penalties, and it gives you the peace of mind that your organization is acting in a proper manner befitting its reputation.

TTM improves talent management

While many leading companies fall into the trap of sourcing employees from LinkedIn, handing them a contract and hoping for the best, deeply analyzing new recruits’ past and current performance is becoming increasingly important.

Indeed, speaking of LinkedIn, their Global Talent Trends report (2020) noted that people analytics was one of the most important recruiting and HR trends of the year. 

 The top recruiting and HR trends according to talent professionals
total talent management
Source: LinkedIn

TTM ticks this box (as well as improves employee experience, the top trend in the above report) by tracking and improving new recruits’ performance long after they put pen to paper.

Much of this comes from providing a centralized overview of new employees, where you can identify the right talent development opportunities and retention strategies.

Many talent solutions use metrics and management tools to help you measure and improve performance. Some even help you develop education programs to identify talent gaps and train employees up with the latest key skills, building a robust pipeline of in-house talent that might one day produce future leaders. 

How total talent management platforms put a global workforce at your fingertips

A term like ‘total talent management’ may sound like it requires an extensive overhaul of your existing talent management strategy, but new digital workforce solutions are helping to ensure that the opposite is true. 

An embedded talent management platform like the one offered by Remoti is an agile HR solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing business strategy, providing a recruitment team tailored to an individual diagnosis of your company’s needs.

Unlike traditional recruitment initiatives that often muddy the waters in the search for top talent, talent management platforms keep it simple by providing legal help, recruitment expertise, and payroll guidance via a single account manager or within an all-in-one mobile app, whether you’re looking to hire top talent in Ecuador, or an Employer of Record (EOR) in Brazil

Via Remoti’s single portal, you’ll get access to a total workforce overview, from managing a list of hand-picked candidates to selecting individual training. 

All stakeholders benefit from this win-win situation: your employees improve their skill sets and suitability for new roles, while your company boosts its profitability by assembling a top quality international workforce at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-house models. 

In a business world in the midst of a pandemic-induced leap toward a digital future, embedded talent solutions are helping major companies swiftly and expertly assemble tech workforces that will keep them as leaders in their fields. 

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