How to Recruit Fast: 6 Practical Strategies to Hire Quickly

May 18, 2023

Taking on a big new client doesn’t have to be daunting with these hiring strategies.

The clock’s ticking and the pressure’s on, but when you’re trying to work out how to recruit fast to meet new project demands, there’s no need to sacrifice quality in favor of quick hires. 

Carrying out fast recruitment is one of the key challenges for consultancy owners and hiring managers, especially with fast-moving tech industry projects. 

If you’re tasked with such a project, you may be feeling disheartened after hitting numerous brick walls, including:

  • Skill gaps in your target areas
  • Heavy competition from rivals also looking for the best candidates 
  • The high costs of using external recruitment agencies and all the onboarding and admin expenses that entails. 

Yet, figuring out how to attract and retain top talent as quickly isn’t impossible when you know the right strategies and tools to use. 

With the right approach, you can still prioritize quality candidates while also achieving your recruitment goals on time.

Working out how to recruit fast doesn’t just save you money and time, it can be a key competitive advantage in a global tech sector starved of top talent.

Efficient and fast recruitment reflects well on a company, allows it to scale up quickly, and can even help it challenge the tech status quo of the Fortune 500 companies that dominate the tech industry. 

This guide will show you the creative hiring strategies you can use to kickstart your recruiting efforts and build the quality talent team you’re so eagerly looking for.

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How to recruit fast: 6 tech recruitment strategies to streamline talent acquisition 

Creative recruitment strategies can be like speed ramps in video racing games. If you use them correctly, they allow you to overtake competitors who are taking the more conventional route.

The trick is learning how to locate and master these speed ramps to get to the finishing line of a top tech workforce and the ensuing trophies of revenue and profit that drive companies forward. 

So, where to start? Well, with the help of various experts in the tech recruitment sectors, we’ve pinpointed six of the best recruiting strategies for you to use when targeting a quick and efficient talent acquisition.

1. Harness the power of social media 

We tend to hear negative things about social networks, but they are an extremely potent tool when it comes to finding new hires.

Tech professionals are, of course, at home when it comes to scanning networks like LinkedIn and Facebook instead of old-fashioned online job boards for open roles, yet many recruiters fail to consider them.

Those not using these resources are missing out. LinkedIn research shows that social networks expand talent pools by 10x, reaching far further than job ads that only certain demographics might see. 

To be more specific, targeted advertising and LinkedIn’s built-in search filters are great for connecting to the best talent quickly.

With the latter, you can choose by location, industry, experience level, and education to narrow down the search results then message your ideal potential candidates directly via InMail.

Social media is also a great way for you to showcase your company in a way that makes it more likely that people will respond to you. As tech entrepreneur Vikvek Wadwha says “Recruiting talent is no different than any other challenge a startup faces. It’s all about selling.”

Having a great company profile, positively responding to reviews, and posting regular updates all help build a solid employer brand that will attract applicants to you, rather than vice versa. 

A Glassdoor survey found that 69% of respondents are likely to apply for a job if the employer actively manages its brand by updating the company’s profile, and sharing updates on the company’s culture and work environment. Recruitment specialist Christabelle Feeney underlined the importance of these on The Shortlist podcast recently, listing them as an important way for a company to bolster its reputation. 

When you focus on building a well-known employer brand, you won’t have to do as much active recruiting. You’ll be a highly sought-after organization, teeming with applicants.

2. Adopt an employee referral program

When figuring out how to recruit fast, time is of the essence. 

Thankfully, an employee referral program can grease the wheels of your recruitment drive and even lead to a solid talent pipeline that continuously supplies great candidates. 

Such a system works by encouraging current employees to refer qualified candidates to you in return for perks like gift cards or extra vacation days. For a consultancy, this may involve asking recent recruits who have passed through the selection process. 

The rewards of this are clear and even point to a snowball effect. As employees recommend great candidates, these in turn can recommend more top talent. The fact that 82% of employers regard this as their most profitable recruitment method, according to Indeed, reflects the power of referrals. 

Not only that, but it improves retention, with almost half of the referred candidates staying on for over four years, compared to just 25% of those from job boards.

The power of employee referrals

how to recruit fast
Source: Indeed

Get this key process right and you may find that this recruitment snowball quickly becomes an avalanche of high-quality talent.

3. Optimize job descriptions to attract top talent

Making your brand stand out on social media is one thing, but there’s an even more direct way to enhance your company image: on the job description itself. 

We can look at optimization in two ways. The first is through the language and style you use. 

Being clear about the specific requirements is a great way of building trust: like a shopper, a talented candidate will look for warning signs, such as vague descriptions that make you look like you’re hiding something. According to research from Indeed, over half of job seekers say the quality of a job description is a key factor in deciding to apply

Bullet points not only look good, but they present information in a direct, readable way. Here’s an example of this, presented as a checklist of other useful job description tips.

  • Clearly describe your company, including a logo and tagline
  • List the key responsibilities of the role
  • Specify the skills and attributes that the candidate must have
  • Emphasize the perks of the role, but also be clear about the challenges they will face.

This is a great chance to channel your company’s ethos through the words you use

Aspirational and lively language always wins out against uniform and passive wording.

The second form of optimization involves tailoring content for search engines, or SEO. If you want to cast your net for top talent as wide as possible, then job postings with targeted keywords and optimized text and URLs will perform much better than those without.

4. Make applying for job postings easy and improve candidate experience

LinkedIn’s Easy Apply is one of the most famous online recruiting tools simply because it gives jobseekers the chance to put their name in the frame with a few basic details. 

While it may lead to a deluge of applications, the principle is sound: 70% of LinkedIn users are passive candidates, meaning they’re not actively looking for a new job. Easy Apply entices talented workers out of the woodwork, putting recruiters in touch with potential superstars.

how to recruit fast
Source: LinkedIn

In a competitive recruitment market, implementing the concepts of Easy Apply is essential if you want to track down the best potential candidates. 

90% of job seekers now use a mobile device, so mobile-optimized job listings are essential. A user-friendly, clear, and concise application process is another must. Allow social media logins and a dedicated careers page on your website, too, for maximum exposure.

By casting your net as far and wide as possible, you increase the chances of finding the best candidates possible and delivering a successful recruitment drive.

5. Streamline your recruitment process with automation

Gathering the right pool of candidates is one thing, but pinpointing the most valuable is another. When working out how to recruit fast, trying to do all this in as little time as possible is a third tough challenge. 

This is where automation can be your friend.

Today’s top recruiters use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to streamline their hiring process. 

An ATS does the work you don’t want to do, in much less time. It can send out multiple job openings, send rejection or welcome emails en masse, and pass candidates onto the next phase

Recruiting software filters applications based on keywords, job requirements, and other assessment criteria. It can review resumes and schedule video interviews, saving the back-and-forth communication that eats up valuable minutes that build up into hours. 

This leads us to the other massive advantage of automation. Time. While these features are taking care of basic tasks, you and your recruiting team get more time to focus on more important activities. As author Andy Stern said, “Automation is not the enemy of jobs. It frees up human beings to do higher-value work."

Automated tools also tend to make much fewer mistakes than humans, so you’re more likely to pinpoint the best possible candidates this way, too. 

The proof is in the pudding. 80% of recruiters report an upturn in hiring quality since using an ATS, according to recruitment experts Go Hire.

6. Search for tech talent in emerging markets with an integrated hiring platform

Looking for tech talent in Western economies is tough these days. Huge talent gaps are opening up, representing the difference between the skilled workers that companies need and the actual options available to them.

Recent data shows that 70% of companies reported a skills shortage in 2022, continuing a trend in place for the last decade. 

Source: Statista

Expanding into emerging markets is one answer to the issue, allowing companies to tap into a wider pool of skilled professionals

These markets, such as the fast-growing Latin American tech talent pool, are home to highly skilled and motivated workers who are eager to work with companies that can provide them with opportunities for career advancement.

With more competition for tech positions between workers there and lower labor costs, it’s much easier for foreign companies to attract top talent and scale their operations

Yet, rather than outsource to costly third-party recruiters or establish expensive legal entities in these countries, some recruiters have found a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

A remote hiring platform provides companies with direct access to foreign labor markets through a ready-built team of recruiters and legal experts that help provide a streamlined hiring process. 

This model is also known as an embedded talent platform because it becomes an extension of your company’s HR and talent acquisition departments. This means you don't have to build an in-house team of global HR specialists; instead, the platform will embed its global hiring and legal team directly into your company. 

Known as a form of top talent management, this process typically takes care of the initial talent search, the entire interview process, and onboarding all as part of one integrated service.

Another huge advantage for recruiters is that these platforms take care of compliance so that job offers, contracts, and other important paperwork all fall in line with local laws and regulations.

Hiring teams that use embedded talent platforms are reaping the rewards. Emerging markets offer a deep well of affordable expert tech professionals that companies entrenched in domestic job searches are missing out on. 

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