Tech RPO: A Stress-Free Way to Hire Tech Talent in Emerging Markets

May 23, 2023

In a tech market where demand for the best talent is soaring and competition for the top candidates is fierce, more and more leading companies are turning to tech RPO teams for guidance. 

Should you be an HR executive or hiring manager of a company, you may be wondering just what tech RPO solutions entail and how they can help you deal with the key challenges of the hiring process, such as: 

  • Being quicker than your rivals in sourcing top talent
  • Attracting the best candidates with competitive salaries while staying within budget
  • Developing retention programs that optimize skill sets and keep key employees on board.

In today’s competitive recruitment industry, tech RPOs are an invaluable resource for major companies looking outside their depleted domestic markets for hot tech talent. 

They hold the keys to deep talent pools in emerging markets that were out of reach just a few years ago.

The RPO market is projected to experience 5x growth this decade – and for good reason. 

Growth in RPO use this decade

tech rpo
Source: Allied Market Research

Research from sourcing experts NelsonHall shows that effective RPO provides a 38% improvement in year-over-year hiring costs — with 69% of those employees hired being highly engaged.

Amid economic instability and the ongoing impact of the pandemic, these figures emphasize how on-demand RPO strategies are set to become a huge asset for securing skilled candidates ahead of rivals. 

When used well, a tech RPO team is a formidable weapon for breaking out of the hiring status quo that is hindering the tech industry and can put your company on the map when it comes to attracting the best talent around.

Ready to find out how Total Talent Management can transform your business? Book a call with Remoti’s team today to see how our embedded remote hiring platform blends both RPO and BPO services to source and manage the hot tech talent you’re looking for.

RPO vs BPO: What’s the difference?

The terms sound similar because they both fall under the same outsourced recruiting umbrella that businesses turn to in the stormy conditions of a competitive tech market.

Yet, they serve two different areas of modern recruitment services.

Let’s start with RPO. This stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing services because it focuses on optimizing and managing the acquisition process

This includes sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding the best possible candidates for the organization. 

BPO, meanwhile, is short for Business Process Outsourcing. 

Here, the service covers various business practices ranging from customer support to finance and IT services. To break this down these revolve around tasks designed to improve operational efficiency, including the payroll processing of new hires. 

Often, the best recruitment providers in the tech industry incorporate both RPO and BPO elements as part of their service. 

Known as Total Talent Management, this hybrid model is reshaping the global hiring industry. When done well, it can have a dramatic impact on a company’s performance, allowing them to leverage external expertise to quickly achieve their targets. 

Remoti: Tech RPO with integrated BPO expertise

The road to a world-class tech workforce is bumpy, with plenty of twists and turns that can throw your organization off course – and fall behind fast-moving rivals.

It forces organizations to look for guidance, and this often arrives in the form of a high-quality tech RPO solution. Like a GPS for hiring, the best RPO models provide clear direction throughout the journey and help you navigate the complex landscape of the tech talent market.

This is the principle that guides Remoti. 

Our streamlined HR-as-a-service is designed to put you in pole position in the race for tech talent in emerging markets.

From the starting line to the finishing flag, we’ll take over every stage of your recruitment drive, including sourcing qualified candidates and settling them in with super-efficient onboarding practices. 

Post-recruitment race, we work hard to deliver the benefits that a great BPO process brings. We draw up contracts, deal with payroll, and make sure that everything is legally watertight in the market you’re operating in. 

No wonder over 100 companies choose us ahead of other tech RPO providers: we accelerate your hiring process and put you on the fast track to a world-class specialist workforce. 

Put your recruitment drive into high-speed autopilot with Remoti and save 40% on in-house hiring

Expert guidance

Our end-to-end RPO supports you through the whole process, from initial assessment to onboarding and offboarding.

Embedded talent acquisition team

Our team of talent associates integrates into your company and specializes in quick and efficient sourcing and hiring.

Smart market insights

We keep you fully up-to-date with real-time data reports and metrics which help us build evidence-based recommendations and keep you at the top of your game

Leverage local knowledge

Unlock niche emerging talent pools via our network of foreign-based scouts and legal experts who cover every inch of your target talent markets.

Enhanced tech solutions

Benefit from an automated RPO technology, including a built-in ATS system for % matching & a CV integration tool that saves you and the candidate valuable time and effort.

Improve retention with people products

We don’t stop post-hire. Our EdTech people products optimize the skill sets of your existing workforce, keep them at the top of their game, and boost retention.  

tech rpo

How Remoti’s Tech RPO will meet your hiring needs 

Recruitment processing outsourcing services might sound complicated, but Remoti is dedicated to providing a simple and effective hiring process that we integrate into your existing recruiting operations.

Here’s how we do it.

Cover millions of square miles and source untapped local tech talent

As an HR head, you’ll want to extend your talent search to places your rivals can’t reach – but not many RPO service providers can meet this challenge. 

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, a research and advisory firm, only 12% of RPO recruiters have a global recruitment scope (three or more regions). Almost two-thirds focus on just one country. 

tech rpo
Source: Staffing Industry Analysts

Remoti is in that elite 12%, but what sets us apart from our rivals in that category is our total talent network, which combines an all-encompassing search with both RPO and BPO services.

Our talent scouts leave no stone unturned in their search, using their specialist local knowledge and contacts to give you access to a diverse range of top-quality candidates from over 90 countries.

Once we locate this talent, we know what it takes to attract them to your company, with proven techniques like salary benchmarking and employer branding helping us make you stand out from the competition.

Whether recruiting in Brazil or accessing the “second Silicon Valley”, Remoti knows what it takes to dive into those hard-to-reach talent pools and bring to light world-class workers. 

Find the right fit with unrivaled tech acquisition

Tracking down the right talent is one thing, but integrating it into your company is also a big challenge. 

Onboarding top professionals means knowing how to show our caring side, addressing their concerns and fears to integrate them seamlessly into your workforce.

Remoti’s expert recruitment team will make sure your new hires feel valued, informed, and ready to hit the ground running

Our talent acquisition professionals are trained in DEI values, use salary benchmarking to offer fair compensation, and know exactly how to respond to candidate concerns.

Make full use of smart tech stack and automation

Remoti is designed for the digital age. We leverage the latest recruiting technology to optimize the onboarding process and reduce the time-to-hire. 

Our trained specialists make use of multiple media channels to upload over 100 new profiles a week, while our automated interview scheduling and response letters accelerate the acquisition process.

Once we embed our tech RPO into your company, our internal ATS (Applicant Tracking System) provides real-time data reports that help you make informed candidate hiring decisions. Our integrated CV creation tool scans candidate profiles to build a resume that reflects their true value.

All of this is brought together via the Remoti app, where you and the candidate can schedule interviews, issue letters, and track job applications. 

Retain top RPO tech talent to build long-term growth

Major companies know that retaining top tech talent is a key driver for growth, and in-house learning is a crucial part of this.

Jenna Dobbins, the Global Head of HR at professional services giant Pontoon, points out how “Learning & Development gives the global organization a sense of unity and everyone in it has a role to play” in the improvement of the company.

Major recruitment firm Korn Ferry also stressed the importance of this in their 2022 Future of Work Trends Report. Their research found that employees are much more likely to stay at a company that valued their career development. 75% of workers who intended to stay put for more than five years had an employer who offered in-house learning, for example.

Source: Korn Ferry’s Future of Work Trends Report (2022)

This is why Remoti places great emphasis on its TechEd people products, which are designed to continue improving employee expertise post-hire. 

We provide coding tutorials, language courses, and other self-help classes to keep candidates at the top of their game. 

It means the candidate experience stays positive and fulfilling for the long term, and boosts the retention rates that contribute to organizational growth.

Sign up for Remoti’s tech RPO and unlock these benefits

Accelerate your time to hire

One of the biggest obstacles to business growth is a sluggish hiring process that can stretch on for weeks or even months – while competitors strengthen. 

Remoti’s optimized tech RPO slashes a candidate’s time to hire down to minutes. Once you give the go-ahead, we can go from offer to contract on the same day.

You’ll get a dedicated account manager, backed by an internal team of talent associates, who act as a conduit between you and your candidates. 

They’ll accompany you and the employee throughout the entire process and will ensure the smooth transition from candidate identification to onboarding.

Boost candidate quality to world-class levels

Remoti’s scouting network covers millions of square miles in its quest to find hidden tech gems in emerging markets. 

Once we pool them together, our expert team of HR experts knows how to match you with the best professionals for your hiring projects. 

We know how to sell your employer brand to them, attract them with the right salary and benefits package, and convince them that your company is the best option for them.

Develop your reputation for efficient hiring and amazing employee experience, and watch the top-class candidates roll in.

Save 40% on recruitment

Remoti’s recruitment processing outsourcing is set up and ready to plug into your company’s existing recruitment strategy. 

You’ll be able to oversee the whole process via your own people analytics dashboard, which lets you view and manage your staff, organize interviews, and see each stage of the onboarding process.

Just think of all the back-and-forth communication this saves. Not to mention the high set-up costs of integrating with an external EOR or PEO. 

The result? A 40% saving on traditional recruitment strategies and a much lower cost per hire.

Enhance scalability with elite tech RPO services

Top businesses never rest on their laurels. 

With Remoti’s RPO services, you can scale up your tech recruitment drive at any moment. Should a sudden surge in vacancies appear, we have the flexibility and resource to increase our output on demand. 

Count on us to support your business growth and ensure a seamless hiring experience, no matter the scale.

Hunt, hire and grow with Remoti’s tech RPO — the recruitment game-changer that top companies can’t do without.

If you’re ready to use the power of great tech RPO services, we’d love to talk to you. Book a call with one of our experts who’ll show you how Remoti’s unique embedded talent scout platform will attract and manage the best tech talent out there for your business.